Welcome to the Blog!

Hey there, and welcome to the Blind in Philadelphia WordPress Blog! I am a blind transgender person of colour, doing what I can to share about experiences as a blind person as well discuss other topics of disability and intersectionality. So far, we’ve been able to post a lot of great content on our Facebook page, so be sure to give us a Like there.

I’m very excited to partner up with other transgender disabled persons. We are working on more content to share with you such as photos, videos, podcasts, and articles but we’re going to need your help. If there’s any topic you’d like for us to cover, let us know through the Contact Us page. We also appreciate any financial support to help us cover the cost of publishing more content and awareness for our community.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy our blog!

Much love, Japheth Grimm (he/them pronouns)

Author: Blind in Philadelphia

Join us as we're covering topics of blindness, disability, and intersectionality. We're glad to have your support. Don't forget to like, comment, and share!

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