Blind in Philadelphia Response to Harassment

This is LB, one of the admins of this website and Blind in Philadelphia social media. First of all, I want to thank all of our followers and supporters as we go through this difficult time. We also feel the need to offer some clarity as to what is transpiring at this time. Here is a synopsis of what JDG and I have been going through for nearly a year. I didn’t even want to post this but with all the slander, death threats, and harassment I feel like I don’t have a choice.

Currently, one of the admins JDG and myself have been the target of some very malicious people. JDG has been in poor health and it has been getting worse due to all this. JDG now requires 24/7 care so me and other friends have been trying to continue the advocacy work through this page. I for one have had to relocate my residence just to avoid being subject to more hatred and harassment that I and JDG get on a regular basis.

The ringleader of this malicious crowd is [redacted: a former associate of JDG]. She has managed to dig up others who have been hateful to JDG in the past as well as harass people who follow and enjoy our advocacy work. I don’t care how much [redacted: a former associate of JDG] and her klan hate JDG but this is completely uncalled for.

This is the list I know so far of people who been participating in these hateful activities are as follows:

  • [redacted: a former associate of JDG] – the extremely manipulative and violent ex of JDG who is obsessed with spreading all this bs mostly through fake social media accounts. she pushing hard on this claim of JDG not being blind and disabled even tho the authenticated documents of disabilities was presented at court concerning the incident when she beat and tried to stab JDG. [redacted: a former associate of JDG] has committed financial fraud and filed false police reports against JDG and another blind QTPOC in separate incidents. A few of her other hobbies include stalking, identity theft, posting photos of disabled people without their consent and mocking them, shoplifting, and stealing from her employer.
  • Stacy Lynn Wyatt – another abusive and violent ex of JDG. She’s been a target of stalking, breaking and entering, and theft by [redacted: a former associate of JDG] so their association is confusing.
  • Kain Schwartzbach Warner – known con of disabled LGBT people and homeowners. JDG and myself have been ripped off a lot of money and personal belongings in separate incidents
  • Stéphan Hoïmes – unknown to JDG but this one is my former friend. I cut ties because they caused dangerous situations for me that resulted in my homelessness for a period of time
  • Allegra Eidinger – They and their housemate friends were cruel to JDG when they all resided together. they also been accusing JDG of stealing things [redacted: a former associate of JDG] stole upon the household moving out. I personally know Allegra to knowingly associate with sexual predators and known rapists while participating in the local music scene.
  • Christian M. – he also been subject to abuse and displacement by [redacted: a former associate of JDG] and rumor mills but yet he feeds into this as well
  • Helen Azar, Deb Bell, Jennie Maxin, Christine Ginty, Eli MH, Maddie Rose, etc – We don’t even know these people but they been participants in the slander of JDG. Most of the social media accounts posting hateful rhetoric against me and JDG are from fake accounts. The last two named are known in the community to fabricate stories of victimization of whomever is spoken ill of in Facebook group post. Liam Wolf (aka Phoenix Arygle on Facebook) is known to both of us and he does the same thing too as a way to enable his own toxic activities.

This massive group effort of hatred has been going on since September 2018. It has resulted in multiple lengthy medical hospitalizations of JDG as well as interference of access to life sustaining resources. We both are experiencing housing displacement. At times, we both have been having to shut down our own social media accounts due to online harassment.

JDG and I are in fear for our safety with JDG being hit much harder than myself. We are so fearful that we both feel we have no safe place to request assistance from within our own LGBT and disability communities.

The reason why I am sharing this information is so you are aware of just how badly racism and ableism destroys lives. As blind QTPOC individuals, it is traumatic on additional levels that are difficult to process and articulate.

I have decided to make these names publicly available so that you may be aware of the abusive persons we have identified thus far if/when they attempt to contact you. It has come to my attention that some of you have been contacted by these abusers. This is in direct violation of the Protection From Abuse order JDG has against the ex and her associates.

If they did not want to be named than they should have behaved better.

Despite this hateful crap we’re dealing with, our advocacy work will continue. I along with the other admins of this page will continue to provide you with quotes, articles, and education centered around disabilities, BIPOC topics, and intersectionality. Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Love and light, – LB

Edit 2022: I have redacted the name of the ringleader upon the request of JDG. To this day, JDG, me, and those who continue to support us are still receiving death threats and our stalked continuously. Please exercise the highest of caution around the above named individuals and their associates.