ello there. My name is Japheth Grimm. I am a person of colour, transgender, and have low vision blindness. With the help of family and friends, I started posting about my blindness on Facebook. Really, it was simply because I had just become blind and I was posting about how devastating it had been to no longer have sight but it later became so much more than that.

My blindness was due to an immediate onset in 2016 due to being attacked for simply being a transgender person of colour. I am grateful for already having spent a lifetime participating in the disabilities community. Otherwise, I would not have been knowledgeable of how to even begin to cope.

As I continue to mourn my lack of sightedness and learn how to be blind, I wanted to share that transition as well as become more vocal about intersectionality within the disabilities community. Since then, I have created a Facebook page for everyone to be able to learn about blindness, other disabilities, and intersectionality. I have also created a Facebook group specifically for disabled transgender people.

I’m excited to be able to continue to work on this blog, which will feature some entries that I have written as well as featuring other disabled people. If you would like us to post about a topic or have a question, use our Contact Us page and we’ll cover it in an upcoming article. Please consider a donation to help us along in this work as well.

Thanks for joining us.

With love, Japheth Grimm (they/them pronouns)

Update: Japheth Grimm has become too ill to provide updates regularly. Other admins have joined the team in order to maintain social media based advocacy work. We will continue to provide you with educational information and updates to the best of our ability.

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